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It is estimated that around half of the population will experience some degree of pain in their neck at some time in their life. Some people may have neck pain because they were recently in a car accident, while others may experience discomfort after sitting at a desk all day. Whatever the reason may be, it can be beneficial to have a chiropractor treat you to alleviate your pain and discomfort. Chiropractors believe that the body is an interconnected system that has the ability to heal itself. However, blockages, injuries, and other factors can hinder this system from activating as it should.

Through non-invasive approaches such as spinal manipulation, deep massage, stretching, exercise, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle changes, patients can find the relief from neck pain that they have been searching for. 

What can I do to reduce neck pain through my daily habits?
Chiropractors believe that spinal wellness promotes overall health in an individual. The use of spinal manipulations are effective in reducing neck pain, as it gently coaxes misaligned vertebrae back into its resting position. Benefits of spinal manipulation include enhanced sleep, less stress, and improved mental clarity. In addition to receiving chiropractic treatments, you may also need to make subtle changes to your daily life as well.

Here are ways you can take action to reduce neck pain through changing certain habits:

  • Straighten your spine. Avoid hunching over a screen or laptop, and support your back when you are seated and stretch your neck often. 
  • Check the eye level of your screen. Your screen should always be at eye level, not lower. Adjust your computer height and seat so that the screen is in line with your sight. 
  • Support your neck when sleeping. Consider purchasing a pillow that fills the gap between your shoulders and neck, particularly if you are a side sleeper. At the same time, refrain from using pillows that cause your neck to raise higher, as this curves the spine upwards in a potentially harmful way. 
  • Stretch daily. Stretch your neck by leaning the head to a shoulder, then repeating with the other. Hold this stretched position for fifteen seconds. 
  • Alter your driving position. The lower back and head must be supported when you are driving. You may need to lower or raise your seat, adjust the steering wheel, or use supportive equipment to ensure your posture is correct.

What information will a chiropractor need to know?

Your chiropractor may need you to complete a questionnaire so they have more details about where you feel pain, how severe it is, and whether you have a related medical condition or injury contributing to the discomfort. Your chiropractor will also ask about what medications you are currently taking. This information is used to confirm that chiropractic care is an appropriate treatment method for you.

Neck and back pain can wreak havoc on our bodies and mental health. If you want to hear more about how a chiropractor can help you achieve the wellness you imagine, speak with a chiropractor near you as soon as possible. 

There are a number of reasons why someone may be experiencing neck pain, particularly after a car accident. To receive the treatment that is most appropriate for your injury, it’s important to schedule an exam with a car accident doctor.