Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerve

There are many patients who visit a chiropractor because they feel as if they are experiencing a pinched nerve. The symptoms of having a pinched nerve show themselves gradually. For a lot of the patients, the nerve may become flattened due to inflammation. There are other cases in which the nerve gets strained by the vertebrae.

Signs of Pinched Nerve

If you feel like you have a pinched nerve, the chiropractor will look for a few common symptoms. So, let’s have a look at some of these symptoms:

– Severe headache

– Arms or legs becoming numb or tingling

– Severe discomfort, covering the spine

– Neck pain

In every case of a pinched nerve, the victim becomes almost immobile. As a patient, you are going to find it difficult to sit in one position for a long duration. In addition, you may even find it difficult to bend and sleep in specific ways. The pinched nerve may also lead to muscle spasms with a lot of pain.

Reasons For Having A Pinched Nerve

There are certain causes that lead people to have a pinched nerve. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Misalignment: The misalignment or subluxation of the spinal bone causes the nerve to become compressed. As a result, the nerve becomes incapable of completing your body’s communication procedure.

2. Osteoarthritis: It is a joint disease that causes your bone spurs to become bigger. It covers the tiny hole that nerve must pass through, causing the nerve to get pinched.

3. Protrusion: If you have shooting pain down to your arm or leg then, it is a sign of protrusion. So, if protrusion takes place, the disc material will push against your nerve. And the nerves in your neck travel inside the hands. This is exactly what a “pinched nerve” is. 

4. Disc Degeneration: Discs are tiny pieces existing between every vertebra, which are made of cartilage. There are times when the disc starts degenerating from stress and it can cause some serious problems. One such problem is making that tiny hole mentioned above even tinier. So, the nerve has difficulty with passing through the hole and hence becomes pinched.

These four reasons are quite commonly found among the patients suffering from a pinched nerve. They remain dormant until the condition progresses. Besides, a pinched nerve can have a direct outcome from a combination of all of the reasons above.

Chiropractor’s Activity

Chiropractors put a lot of emphasis on eradicating the primary cause of your pain. They will simply try to re-align the spine if you are suffering from a pinched nerve. Nowadays, you can get weighed down by stress and end up with a pinched nerve. So, the chiropractor will try to reduce your stress levels to treat the pinched nerve and possibly prevent it.

There are some people who seek medications to deal with the pain. However, it can quickly turn into an addiction. So, chiropractic care can instead save you from that.

To conclude, there is no valid reason for you to ignore the pain of a pinched nerve. The sooner you ask for help from a chiropractor in Mesa, AZ, the better!

Thanks to Lifecare Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and pinched nerve pain.